Marinating in Life’s Disappointments

Sometimes life deals us serious blows that derail us, or that even stop us in our tracks. What should we do?


No, I’m not talking about therapeutic cooking. It’s . . . well, let me explain with an analogy of my mother’s fabulous lamb shish-kabob. My mouth waters just to think about it.

First, she cut the lamb with a sharp knife. Maybe you feel like your circumstance has cut you deeply. Hold on. Something good will come from it. Lamb can’t become shish-kabob unless it’s cut.

Next, she peeled and chopped onions until her eyes flowed with tears. Crying is actually a healthy emotional release. Let the tears flow.

She combined the cut lamb and chopped onions together in a plastic bag, sealed it and placed it in the refrigerator overnight. You may think you’re out of commission, but this is your season to change. I’m not sure what happens between the meat and the onions inside the refrigerator, but SOMETHING is going on there. Just because the light turns off when the refrigerator door closes doesn’t mean it’s not working. The fridge does its best work when the door is closed. Have opportunities closed and your life has come to a halt? Hold on! Morning’s coming!

When my mother pulled the lamb from the fridge the next day, it was incredibly tender and had a new flavor–because it marinated–in the dark–but only for a season.  Don’t let life’s disappointments toughen you. Embrace them so you can become tender.

When your life is on hold, marinate with the onions. You will emerge with a new “flavor,” ready to submerge into the next opportunity.

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”
Psalm 30:5