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  • Mentor/Coaching (groups and individuals)

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship of trust, accountability and confidentiality that moves a person to a desired destination by setting goals, identifying obstacles, facing challenges and designing actions.

How does Coaching benefit?

  • Coaching expands vision.
  • It builds confidence, that leads to independence.
  • Coaching unlocks potential and increases skills, which strengthens the individual.
  • It encourages practical steps toward goals.
  • Coaching encourages accountability, which leads to integrity.
  • It is proactive, which leads to self-motivation.
  • Coaching encourages growth–a sign of health.

Coaching or Counseling?

In counseling, it is assumed that the counselor is the expert in the relationship. There is a degree of unhealth that is being dealt with, and the person being counseled is taken from the past and brought to the present where he / she can better function.

In coaching, the person being coached is considered the expert. The coach comes alongside as a thought-partner and co-strategizer, helping the client move forward through setting and reaching goals, facing and overcoming challenges, and experiencing growth and change.

Coaching or Mentoring?

In a mentoring relationship, the mentor is considered the expert as he/she “pours in” to the mentoree. In a coaching relationship, the coach “draws out” of the person being coached.

Team Coaching

Teams face unique challenges. Inviting a coach to come alongside the team can quickly turn those challenges into amazing opportunities, resulting in a more unified, effective team. Using Patrick Lencioni’s book “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” as a guide, Mary will meet with the entire team to pinpoint and fortify the weakest links on the team. She  uses various resources to learn each team member’s strengths, and, based on that information, helps the team leader  place each member in their best-functioning position on the team. The team leader also benefits from individual coaching separate from the team.

Mentor/Coach Groups

Individuals pursuing coaching credentials are required to complete ten hours of mentor/coaching. Participating in a mentor/coach group provides the opportunity to work with a mentor/coach as well as experience opportunity to practice coaching skills and receive feedback. Seven of the required mentor/coach hours are spent with the group and the remaining three are one-on-one with the mentor/coach.

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