The Total Lifestyle Workout

I reached an all-new low last night. I texted my husband.

What’s wrong with that? you might ask. Well, I was sitting in the family room and he was reading a book in another room. I was too lazy . . . I mean it was more convenient to simply text from my comfortable position than to get up from the couch and talk to him face-to-face.Why look someone in the eye when you can stare at your phone. Right?

To make matters worse, we had just returned from a one-mile after-dinner walk so we could “get some fresh air and exercise” all in the name of better health. If I could walk a mile with someone, why couldn’t I walk down the hall for a simple discussion with the same person?

The same question could be asked of the athlete who takes pride in how physically fit he is, but he vies for the prime parking spot closest to the door in order to walk a shorter distance. What about the aerobics instructor who pushes her students to the point of exhaustion, but she can’t push her shopping cart back to the cart corral.

Please understand. I’m not being critical. I’m just pointing out a huge inconsistency in our society. The inconsistency doesn’t apply only to exercise. It affects life in general. We act and talk one way in one setting, but a completely different way in another. The teenage son of a church deacon nailed it when he told his Sunday School teacher, “You think my dad is a spiritual giant? You should see him at home. He’s like two different people. He knows how to turn it on and turn it off. I wish he’d be a deacon at home. Then he’d be a lot easier to live with.”

Think about this . . .

  • What if we talked as kindly to our family members as we do our customers?
  • What if we served those closest to us the same way we serve others when we’re hoping for a hefty tip?
  • What if we listened at home as carefully as we do in our meetings at work?
  • What if we tried as hard to please our spouses as we do our bosses?

Isn’t it funny how people-pleasing or a paycheck can make a difference how we treat people? It’s almost like politeness and respect clock in at 9 and out at 5. Then we relax and become who we really are.

Someone said what we do defines who we are. I think who we are determines what we do. What would happen if politeness and respect became who we are and not simply what we do?

Here’s my proposal: Let’s never quit “working out.” Let’s determine to be consistent with who we are wherever we are. We can call it The Total Lifestyle Workout. We won’t break a sweat and results will be realized immediately! I think it will help all of us shape up.

I’m going to start right now–just as soon as I put this grocery cart back where it belongs.