Change We Can’t Live With

It seems that today’s buzz words all begin with “trans.” Bruce Jenner’s “transgender” debut and Rachel Dolezal’s “transracial” issue are just two more cars on the Trans Train. How long will this train become? And where is it headed?

Fighting to join the trans-entourage is a group called “transabled”–people who are perfectly normal but insist they are actually disabled.  Clive Baldwin, a professor at St. Thomas University, has studied transable for years and has identified 37 transabled individuals, including a man who insists his arm doesn’t belong to his body. This poor guy is trying to figure out how he can cut off his own limb so he can be deemed disabled–because he “feels” disabled. (Check out Alex Griswold’s article at

We live in a nation where the moral fabric is quickly becoming unraveled. Add “trans” confusion to the mix and we’re headed for a morally chaotic world with absolutely no absolutes. If you don’t think our country is confused, just listen to newscasters try to explain Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s identity. They still can’t land on a definite pronoun–he or she? I guess it depends on how Bruce/Caitlyn is feeling for the moment.

Not wanting to miss out on the latest craze, I’d like to add my contributions to the trans vocabulary:

Transelfish – Those who put other people and their feelings ahead of their own

Transvictim –  People who consider themselves warriors, not wounded 

Transdiscontent – People who want to change from being discontent to becoming satisfied with who they are and how they’ve been created.

Transfeeling – Individuals who overlook how they “feel” for the moment and choose instead to live in reality.

May I be transparent? If our nation doesn’t get a grip soon and put a caboose on this Trans Train, it’s going to get completely out of control and our whole country will derail. The tragedy is that when it happens, we may not feel a thing.