Complicated Sex Is Not Safe Sex

I hesitate to express my opinion publicly about political issues. But, when the safety of innocent children is being compromised, I must speak up, if for no other reason than for the sake of my four-soon-to-be-five grandchildren.

This past week, our president signed an order that public schools allow transgenders to use the bathroom with which they identify. I was disappointed and embarrassed that the most powerful man in the world would sense the need to take his presidential authority to a new low–the public school restrooms.

We should all be outraged over this order, not just because our president is sticking his nose into our bathrooms, but because the safety of our students is at risk. Our children and grandchildren–and those who dedicate their lives to teach them– deserve safe school environments. Debates and confusion over gender issues at the bathroom door doesn’t sound very safe–or sane–to me.

One former fraternity member told me, “If this had happened when I was in school, we guys would have loved it. I could see some of my frat brothers going into the girls’ bathroom just for the fun of it. And, nobody could do a thing about it. And, of course, we would have LOVED to have girls in our bathroom.”

Gender has become an extremely complicated issue. Books and articles are being published and constantly updated to stay current with the countless new terms referring to people’s gender choices. Transgender, bigender, cisgender, agender, pangender–the list goes on. God the Creator was very simple and gender binary in his approach to sex. Genesis 1:27 states, “Male and female He created.” Male & female – two and done! I’m not about to second guess the Almighty. Are you? The way I was born is the way God made me. And, the doctor who delivered me obviously agreed with how I was created because he signed my birth certificate which clearly states I was born a female.

So, here’s simple solution to our nation’s complicated gender issues. If  people can’t enter another country without a passport verifying their identity, let’s require “passports” to verify a person’s gender. No one should be allowed to enter a bathroom without showing their birth certificate proving their gender status once and for all. 

And if the line at the bathroom door backs up, people could just make their way to the White House which happens to contain 35 bathrooms–one to accommodate each gender type. After all, if he’s going to bring the executive order to the doors of our schools, we can bring the long-term effects to his doorstep. Let’s just pray that in the meantime the morality of our nation doesn’t end up in the sewer.