Cecil the Lion & Abortion

This past summer, Dr. Walter Palmer was on a safari hunt near Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park when he killed a lion with a compound bow. He didn’t know the animal was Cecil, one of Africa’s most famous lions. All hell broke loose. Dr. Palmer was demonized and threatened, and he was forced into hiding for several weeks to protect his own life. Since then, he has been exonerated and no evidence was found to justify criminal charges. But, his life will never be the same. The infamous Walter Palmer.
Around the same time, Planned Parenthood came under fire over released videos capturing proof that their doctors sold body parts harvested from aborted fetuses. The videos were horrific, but even worse was the attitude of the harvesters. They laughed and joked and made light of how they

Woe be to the person who would laugh and joke about Cecil. By the way, did anyone harvest any body parts from his corpse? It’s doubtful.

Please understand that I am not anti-animal. I’ve enjoyed a couple of safaris myself and have some awesome pictures of my favorite wild animals–lions. My frustration

May I pose an idea? Let’s treat the aborted babies with the same respect that was shown Cecil the lion. First, every woman seeking to have an abortion will first be asked to give the baby a first, middle and last name. (Baby Doe has already been taken.)