Would I Benefit from Working with a Coach?

Some people wonder if they need to or should work with a coach. Here is a brief assessment to help you determine whether or not a coaching relationship would be beneficial to you. Take a few minutes and check all the statements that apply to you.

___ I’m experiencing or anticipating a transition in the near future.

___ Although I’m good at setting goals, I don’t always accomplish them.

___ My goals are ambiguous.

___ I find it beneficial to verbally process when making decisions.

___ It’s challenging for me to manage my finances.

___ There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything I’d like to get done.

___ My relationships at work/home are sometimes challenging.

___ The team I’m on is ineffective.

___ The team I lead performs well but I want to develop my team members so they perform even better.

___ I’ve been told I have more potential than I realize.

___ I’m not sure what my strengths are.

___ I know my strengths and I’d like to develop them further.

___ I’m good at starting projects, but not good at finishing them.

___ I really don’t enjoy my job, but I don’t know what to do about that.

___ I don’t enjoy my job, and I know what to do about that.

___ I love my job and I want to advance.

___ If I were in better health, I could enjoy life more.

___ I’m not very good at making decisions.

___ I’m young and not sure about my future career.

___ It’s important to me to live out my values.

If you checked at least one statement, you would definitely benefit from working with a coach. Contact me at mselzer@cheryld18.sg-host.com for suggestions of qualified coaches.