Why Coaching and Socialism Don’t, Won’t, and Can’t Mesh

Coaching stands apart from other methods in that the person being coached is considered the expert in making decisions and setting goals. The International Coach Federation’s philosophy of coaching considers every client as “creative, resourceful, and whole.” And, this is where I believe the rub comes with coaching and socialism. Let’s mirror these three client qualities against socialism.

CREATIVE: According to the Cato Institute, 80% of the millionaires in America are first generation. How did they become wealthy? By working hard and taking creative risks. In a socialistic society, creativity is often suppressed. Case in point: A few years ago, an elderly woman who had lived under socialism most of her life shared this story with me: Her husband, who worked in a factory, created a plan that could streamline the assembly line. He shared his idea with his immediate supervisor, who retorted, “That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. You’re not here to think. You’re here to work.” Then the supervisor claimed the plan as his own and presented it to the manager who implemented it. The husband withered to a robotic state of working his hands, not his mind.

RESOURCEFUL: Coaching clients are believed to be imaginative, innovative, and independent thinkers. They can meet challenges head-on and develop self-created plans that work best for their situation. Each client is unique with different needs, wants, and goals. Socialism, on the other hand, ignores the beauty of individuality by assuming everyone needs and wants the exact same thing (i.e., health care for all). By encouraging increased dependence on the government, “the sky’s the limit” thinking can be squelched.

WHOLE: Considering clients as “whole” means they are healthy and capable of making positive decisions that lead to success. Although a coach may come alongside as a thought partner and co-strategizer, the client makes the final decision for his action plan and goal setting because he knows what’s best for himself and his situation. Co-dependence has no place in a coaching relationship. Socialism, however, assumes that people need the government in order to succeed instead of recognizing people as healthy and whole, capable of thinking and reasoning independently.

Coaching is a powerful tool. May its effectiveness never be compromised by a socialistic society.

Your thoughts?