Coaching Forward
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Read the difference coaching has made for these individuals . . .

"For years, I have had a passion to help those who are stuck in the pain of their past. I have also been in finance for many years. My coaching experience with Mary was an opportunity for the first time to connect the dots between where I was and where I wanted to be - allowing me to get a more specific picture of my passion while aligning my secular responsibilities. It was like tapping into my heart, removing obstructions and then building a transitional bridge leading me to the place of my heart's desire."
- Financial Advisor

"Through circumstances that could only be orchestrated by God, I was introduced to Mary's coaching. During our first conversation I think I had about 6-7 goals that I wanted to accomplish. She helped me prioritize them and we have been working on them one at a time. She asks questions that help me formulate a plan by which I can reach a specific goal. When it appears that I am moving well towards the goal we have been working on, we go on to the next goal. With her encouragement and support, Mary is helping me reach the goals needed in order to accomplish the work that God has for me."
- Project Specialist, Hospice of Michigan

"When I first heard of a Life Coach, I thought it might be something I would be interested in. At that time I had been a wife for about 2 years and a church leader for 6 years and I felt I could use all the coaching I could get.  From our first meeting, I realized that our time together was a healthy move for me. Mary asks the right questions and somehow she's able to pull out from me not only the life challenge I'm facing, but the solution to help me move forward. Coaching has helped me see where I'm at and plan the steps to get to where I want to be in life. We've talking about everythin from ministry to marriage to finances and I always walk away feeling ready to face life head-on!"
- Children's Pastor